Wednesday, March 15, 2017 — I'm pleased to introduce you to Paul Component Engineering. From their humble beginnings in Paul’s garage in 1989 to the renovated 1926 ex-Texaco petroleum distribution facility where they are now. It is right here in Northern California where Paul and his crew design, prototype, and manufacture the nicest bicycle parts possible with simple innovations -- even designing their own custom manufacturing tools and building them by hand. For over 25 years now, they continue to bring a higher level of function and easy serviceability to the cycling community at large.

Does this tie in with anything you are working on? Samples are available by request. We are happy to facilitate an email Q & A with the founder, as well as set up manufacturer tour. 


Brand: Paul Components

Products: Bicycle Components


Whether this fits or not, they are an amazing company right in your backyard and we thought you should know about them.